Save the governor from the bad pirates with your cannons. Be careful with the hostages and do not shoot them. Enjoy this great cool adventure. The new action game from Wakinaki studios.


Join little panda Mariflor on a journey around the world, fighting hundreds of bugs to try to rescue its friends. Gain objects by scanning bar codes of products you have at home, from the supermarket, books, CDs, etc. You will also find boxes containing bugs that you will have to fight to turn them into your allies.

Collect up to 100 bugs. Fight in real time to progress through 100 levels. Over 200 Different powers. Over 10 worlds. Over 300 levels. Over 570 combats. Increasingly complex combats. Gain items for your bugs. Play with different bugs.

Fight in real time against other bugs to improve your abilities and powers.

Video tutorial


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